Abatjour Du Jour

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Name: Abatjour du Jour
Category: flor lamp
Color: policromy
Materials: Plexiglas and metal
Dimentions: ø 50 x H 190 cm
Light: led bulb
Company : AGDS
Year of production:  2010
Limited editions: yes

It is a floor lamp with the body in polychrome plexiglass with the leg and the base in satin steel. One of the peculiarities of the Anna Gili’s research is the use of colour in the Interiors. The lamp was created during the installation “WONDERLOFT”, The engineering use of colour in the Interiors, for Abitare il Tempo in Verona 2010.

Anna say’s: “As an artist and a Umbria’s Woman , it is only natural for me to see colour as a way of compositing space and structuring form. Using colour to define space is like painting a three- dimensional picture where the observer can enter and explore the micro and macro dimensions denoted by their various colours, being tugged by the many sensory strings that connect colour to our life”.