Anna Gili
is an Italian artist and designer with  academic – professional-artistic approach
Her training came about through the impact that the Milanese culture of design had on her, and  which Anna has been intensively involved in since 1983. 
Born in Orvieto, Gili graduated from I.S.I.A. (Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche) in Florence.
She move from Florence to Milano, where she opened her studio in 1989.
Anna Gili Design Studio works for leading companies in the furniture and home furnishings. Her reasoning about projects is holistic, and she travels systemically in cross-cultural empathy through disciplines such as art , fashion, comics , interior design and architecture.
The origins of Anna Gili’s path reflect the influence of those multiple creative worlds, which have led her to express herself through performances and avant-garde creations like “Abito sonoro” – “Sonorous garment” (1984), “Persone dipinte” – Painted Persons” (1986) and “Vestito di fiori” – “Flower Dress” (1987), which later became the base for the first important pillars of her work like the “Tonda” armchair and the “Cro” vase.

She has been involved  in numerous exhibitions in art and design with the most important museum of the world: Centre Pompidou in Paris, Seoul Arts Center in Korea, Louisiana Revy museum in Denmark, Artist’s Space in New York, Ubersee-Museum in Bremen, PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Milan Triennale, Denver Art Museum, Mewgaton Athens Concert Hall, Warehouses in the SEIBU Giappone, IMA Indianapolis (Museum of Art). Galleria Kaess Weiss in Stuttgart, Museum Alchimya in Milan, Expo in Taejon in Korea.

The theoretical premises of her working method, which has always been on the cusp of art and design, need to be related to the lively climate of post-radical rupture in relation to orthodox modernist functionalism as embodied by Alchimia from the late 1970s: i.e. to an idea of design that restores ornamentation and profound (liberated) creativity to the very foundations of the project, viewed as a sentimental swirl of forms, colours and actions that place people and their atavistic needs at the focus of attention, even before the tangible ones.

For Gili , the objects that surround us are anything but neutral and impersonal.  They are part of our lives, they are interactive and help us to maintain ties with the world and our own imagination.
The symbolism and character, of these objects take us back to our childhood, and even further back, into ancient times.

Her constant and intense research has led her to the genesis of her own zoosemiotic universe, and an engineering-like use of colour in decor & interior design.

She  hold  differents exhibitions based on the zoosemiotic reserch and she also hold “Animalove” a solo exhibithion c/o Seoul Arts Center in 2014.

 She design a lot of differents products based on her brand “Animalove” for Korean companies such as Artcenter IDA, 7321 Design and Scholas.

She works in her famous space “WonderLoft” that was published in the worldwide most important magazines. Use of the color is one of the most distinctive  aspect  of her works and in the “WonderLoft “she experimented the engineeristic  use of colour in décor & interior design. 

She has been the muse of the famos Mendini’s corkscrew “Anna G.” by Alessi 

an iconographic corkscrew that looks just like her and, just like Anna Gili, manages to bring a bit of joie de vivre into our homes.

The Studio

In 1989 she opened a Design Studio in Milan. Her clients are :  Anna Gili Design Studio, works for important companies in Interiors, furnishing and in the domestic objects. Clients include: Alessi, Byblos casa, Bisazza mosaics, Cappellini International, Cassina, Dornbracht, Ritzenhoff, Salviati, Slamp, Swarovski, Swatch, TDK Europe, Trend Mosaici, Valcucine. Anna Gili also produces collections of objects and furniture for Memphis limited edition, CVM (Murano Glassmaking Company) , Atala Biciclette, Carlo Poggio Design, Artbeat. AGDS , also offers consultants and art-direction for companies and Cultural Associations, for the design world. AGDS have been working as Art Director for Pietro Rosa TBM for new collections of scissors and knifes. She is the cultural co-ordinator of the exhibition “Nuovo Bel Design” which showed the work of 100 young Italian designers in Milan and  the curator of the congress and exhibition “Primordi” on the transformation and problems of the latest generation of designers in the Triennale building in Milan. She is also the curator of the exhibitions “Mutamenti” (Design and sculpture ) under the patronage of the Milan City Council in Milan. Studio Gili works are published in important books: “Wohnen von Sinnen”, Kunstmumeum Dusseldorf International Design Year Book, Gran Bretagna “New Italian Design” Rizzoli New York USA Contemporary Italian Furniture L’Archivolto Italia Triennale Design Museum catalogues, Anna Gili, Mental Bodies, L’Archivolto Animalove book 1 , How the Magic World of Anna Gili was born,