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Category: vase & home sculpture –
Materials: glazed ceramics,
Colours: polychrome, platinum, gold
Dim.: MA Ø 15 x 60 H cm
Dim : BA   Ø 20 X60 H cm
Editor : AGDS (Anna Gili Design Studio)
Limited Editions: 29 pieces
Manufactured by Ceramiche Rigoni, Nove (VI)

Shapes and signs of emotion

Once again, Anna Gili offers an appealing, comprehensive look at her artistic work. As we shall see, the different materials featured in this 2009 presentation make for interesting parallels between her favourite subjects, as variations on the same themes. Here is an effective and extraordinary will to communicate through signs and symbols that find their way into our memory in a natural way. As dissimilar as they may seem, they access our mind as vehicles of emotion.

One of today’s key design ingredients, the making of one-of-a-kind objects or small series, is used here, not as a niche- driven enterprise, but in relationship to the work’s appreciation by individuals who truly understand their spirit. This is “applied art” at its best, to use a historical term that deserves reinstatement. It could well substitute the neologism of “nuovo bel design”, the now obsolete and almost forgotten epithet that was appropriately used to indicate an aspiration to recover design’s original élan.

Anna Gili continues her precise and formalized approach. Both traditional and modern materials carry her figures or portraits: transfigured by anthropomorphism and zoomorphism, they sometimes also use flora as an essential element, making them become vase-figures, vase-animals and vase-flowers….”    “Both geometric and soft figurations are interwoven in Anna’s use of clay. At the close of this first decade of the 21st century, she has once again taken up ceramics, giving shape to an abstract continuation of her large family of vases. Of course they are more “solid”, given the nature of this material, and maybe more austere, but only seemingly so. “Arms”, “eyes” and “noses” identify them, but the molding is complemented by carefully chosen polychrome variants that have been expertly painted by Rigoni di Nove, the ceramics specialist who has received plaudits from such artistic veterans as Antonia (“Neto”) Campi, an appreciation worth more than a doctorate degree…..”.

By Anty Pansera

(Art and Design Historian and Critic)