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Name: “Dog”
Category: light painting, Noah’s Ark/Art collection
Color: different variations of colours
Materials: metal frame, plexiglas
Light: Neon tube
Dimensions: 143 x H 193 cm
Editor:  AGDS (Anna Gili Design studio)
Year of production:  1999

The NOAH’S ARK, lights painting collection, convey  on Anna’s personal view of what animals are like: from pets to wild beasts, all of which are represented, in luminous paintings hanging from the walls, as vibrant, slightly ironical, strongly communicative beings, part of our deepest imaginations.

They are seen as meditative, humanised figures, in Oriental-like representations painted in basic colours.
The Ark is a symbol of the covenant, of memory and rebirth.
It symbolise the body and its qualities.

The objects it hosts are protected by it and reflect this message: the ancient and new intimacy, a relationship of natural and universal sympathy and understanding.