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Name: “Tambu-Ton Ton”
Category: coffee table/ complements
Colour: natural terracotta
Materials: terracotta  
Dimensions: 34,5 x H 63 cm
Company : AGDS (Anna Gili Design studio)
Year of production:  1992

Tambu and Ton and Mitambu, are a collection of small tables, in terracotta. classic style design, manufactured in an archaic material such as terracotta. They were a collection design for Cappellini, Progetto Oggetto edition 1992.

They are inspired by African home tools, primordial instruments with a strong sculptural impact . They are a very resistant coffee tables: both from the point of view of the material and the finishing, in natural wax.

The rounded shapes in the most exposed parts make it easy to place in the room, without any risk of fragility.