Abatjour Du Jour

Flor Lamp


ABAT JOUR DO JOUR  is a floor lamp with the body in polychrome plexiglass, with the leg and THE base in satin steel. One of the peculiarities of the Anna Gili’s research is the use of color in the Interior. The lamp was created during the installation “WONDERLOFT”, The Ingegneristic use of color in the Interiors,  for the exhibitions in Abitare il Tempo fair in Verona 2010.

Anna says: “As an artist and Umbrian Woman, it is only natural for me to see color like a way of compositing space and structured each shape. Using color to define an image, as a three-dimensional picture, where the observer can enter and explore the micro and macro dimensions, denoted by their various colors and also being stimulated by the many sensory strings that connect to our life


Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 190 cm

Plexiglas, Aluminum




AGDS (Anna Gili Design Studio)



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