Ceramic Mask


Its qualities have greatly contributed to the transformation and emotivity of these masks. Her animals from the Chinese horoscope are infused with imaginary stories. Several of them had already received a form in the past, when Anna had felicitously worked “by dint of taking away”, turning them into backrests of chairs, lamps and other masks in her precious (white and gold) collection “Figure Presenti”, shown in 2007 at Postdesign gallery. “…Basic and concise shapes,” writes Alessandro Mendini, “open to esoteric interpretation.”
Shapes, materials and color: this is the three-fold key that characterizes the “words” that Anna combines using her own personal (and often mischievous) grammar and syntax.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 48 × 45 cm

White, Gold


AGDS (Anna Gili Design Studio)



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