Elephant Planet

Sculpture Installation


The “Elephant” sculpture, is part of the collection “Animalove”, is a laser-cut metal figure, folded and molded. It is a project of reverse self production. The designer has reclaimed a serial-produced object designed by herself, and, through an additional step for its characterization and differentiation, through a return, she traced it to its original dimension of “matrix – one piece”. In this case, the interest of Alessi was in the production of an object without a purely “functional” function: the nature of its identity is essentially ethical-aesthetic-poetic, with a deep re-connective character, and not “functionally” linked to the world of commodities. All of the colored steel objects are part of her focused research on the animal iconography through the years. The elephant is an archaic animal, the proverbial testimony of a large pachyderm that feeds on leaves. Its presence has a double meaning: its size and weight as an index of stability and immutability, the representation of its body’s structure as an art object, that becomes part of the space. becomes an integral part of the space.

Additional information

Dimensions 92 × 179 × 161 cm



Green, Yellow


AGDS (Anna Gili Design Studio)



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