Flower Dress

Art Performance


Anna Gili is an experimentalist who has worked with many materials and her methods have surpassed the barriers between fashion design theater.
It is pure decorative art the first dress is the fig leaf, then the fruit skirt of the wild. The archaic raw Weaving is like a reorganization of the plant of wild origin. In the 50s, the decorated female dress is a transposition into modern being, being dressed in flowers.Anna Gili tells: “I brought back to life the flowers and leaves that had been flattened and rendered abstract on the fabrics”. It is a bucolic operation, recreating an aesthetic relationship between the person and nature through a flower dress that makes the air breathe, is fresh, perfumed and allows the body to glimpse. It is linked to the Baroque era when large festoons of fruit and leaves decorated dining rooms and tables set in gardens.

Additional information


Flowers, Plastic




AGDS (Anna Gili Design Studio)



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