Persone Dipinte

Art Performance


Making-up the human body, by drawing and painting on it, is a constant in the history of usage-from the Kabuki theatre to Red Indians and body art.
The beauty care itself, which we each devote to ourselves in the morning in front of the mirror, is an interpretation of personality a kind of self-portrait.
In this brief, difficult and delicate exhibition-performance, an expressive experiment is conducted in this sense.
The theme is the male body, the make-up of which is treated as an aesthetic work in itself and belongs to the languages of painting, having as its referent more the history of the portrait than that of usage.
For one evening only, seven made-up person are exhibited in fact, as paintings against mosaic backgrounds with decorations similar to those persons’ faces.

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Jewels, Fabrics, Theatre Make-up




Stefano Anselmo Make-up Artists School



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