RE, Regina e Principessa


The triad of porcelain and silver objects involves two important manufacturers: the best-known silverware of Italian design: Argenteria De Vecchi and CRAFT, Center de Recherche sur les Arts du Feu et de la Terre de Limoges, one of the most important of porcelain.
It is a research that sets the theme linked to the topic of when a single object play with two materials and therefore two different design languages.
It is interesting to investigate this relationship of connivance and energy between two different “status”, difficult also from the point of view of the chemical-physical structures.
The harmonious or problematic juxtaposition between the two arises as an element of investigation. The magic that is generated in this two-way system overcomes the technical constraints of one and the other, and brings the gaze beyond the confines of an aesthetic judgment of a traditional point of view.

Additional information

Dimensions 26 × 41 cm

Silvered Metal, Porcelain




De Vecchi Argenteria, Mi C.R.A.F.T. Limoges, AGDS


Unique Piece



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