For centuries, in both the educated and popular tradition the “Sound garment” has been a musical myth, an elusive instrument. Anna Gili has become part of this traditions:her monumental garment -a kind of outsized origami, an enormous white and gold insect with ever-open wings is made of forms and materials that emit sound in corrispondence with the gestures of the body: friction between different textiles, metals, pendants, body and floor produce whole ranges of sound from a slight rustle to furious thundering.
From noises from the bodys to noices from the world: breathng the mysterious beat of the heart, the rhythm of steps, the cock-crow and the message of the astronaut. The world is a sound system. Putting on a garment of a sound connected the body’s musical capacities to the phonic capacities of the surronding world: from the body of sound to the world of sound by means of the garment of sound, intuitive and isolated, a sheath enclosing the body constraining it to gestures that are minimal controlled, formal and gothic, an abstract mantle for the ceremony of a galactic priest..”

Additional information

Dimensions 43 × 38 cm

Cotton, Brass Lamin, Plastic


White, Gold


AGDS (Anna Gili Design Studio)



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