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Name: “Profili”
Category: blown glass vases made by hand
Materials: blown glass Murano (Venice),
Colours: red, orange, yellow, amber, grey, green, blue, brown
Dimentions: Large Ø20 H42, M Ø7,9 X H42 cm
Company : SALVIATI  company link:

Year of production:   2010

AG began designing glass in 1992 with the company Salviati di Murano, a collaboration that continues until today, with the release of numerous collections: “Vasi del mare” 1992, “Rigati” 1996, “Profili” 1997, “Canneto” 1998 , “Torri” 1999, “Bulbi” 2000 Profili extending editions 2010.
“AG had the opportunity to experiment with many techniques in the different years he attended the Murano glassworks.
The experience in the furnace and the work next to the glass master is of fundamental importance for Anna.
The idea that the object is glowing in the moment of its workmanship and the tools that are used are approximate, almost primordial, demonstrate to the designer, that glass can not be drawn: it is possible to understand the formal virtuosity and the infinite compositional and chromatic variables given by the working techniques.

The research for possible combinations allows Anna Gili, to go into a creative research in total freedom. The furnace environment whose atmosphere still remembers its medieval origin lends itself to experimentation. The heat that comes from the burning  of the furnace while a current of cold air from the large windows opening onto the lagoon, hits the back, contributes to the alchemical performance in the creation of glass objects of AG “.
by Silvana Annicchiarico 98’
(Director of the Triennale Design Museum, Milan)