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Name: “Rigati”
Category: blown glass vases made by hand
Materials: blown glasse Murano (Venice),
Colours: red, orange, yellow, amber, grey, green, blue, brown
Company : SALVIATI 1996  



Anna Gili in the “Rigati” collection, experiments with the use of the technique of glass pipes to create new shapes set on a concept of color based on geometry.

The structure is composed of lines of colored strips that cover the entire surface of the glass, and they follow the sinuous forms of the vases. The “Rigati” originate from a technical virtuosity based on the tension of the glass pulled at the ends for the creation of the handles and cuts of the spouth of the amphora.

After the collection of the “Vasi del mare”, free forms inspired by the marine flora and fauna AG, he works on a totally different collection based on the tension between geometric lines and the sinuous surface of the vases.